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. Life at Getac

icon_teamWork-life Balanced Culture

Getac encourages a healthy work-life balanced workplace, organizing events and activities that bring families of the employees to join. The ultimate aim of these family activities is to create pleasant work environment and lively atmosphere for all employees by expressing the Company's appreciation for the support provided by employees' families, assisting the families in understanding about the work at Getac better, and providing opportunities for employees to release work stress while having fun with their families.


icon_teamBenefits & Perks

Getac cherishes talents as an invaluable source to business creation, providing employees with competitive salaries and complete welfare measures to attract, retain, cultivate, and encourage outstanding talents.

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    We provide competitive salary standards and adjust employees' salaries according to the overall business conditions and their personal performance. In addition, we also include mid-year bonuses, year-end bonuses, and generous patent incentive systems, as well as festival bonuses, birthday voucher, and marriage/funeral subsidies in order to inspire self-realization among outstanding talents.

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    In addition to health and labor insurances and monthly pension contributions, the Company also provides group insurances (including life, accidental, injuries, hospitalization, and cancer) as well as overseas business travel insurance to increase overall protection. Moreover, our 1-hour flexible working hour system enables employees to flexibly arrange the time they start and vet off work to facilitate daily planning.

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    We create a safe and comfortable work environment by not only providing a Chinese and Western food infused buffet employee canteen but also arranging aerobics classes and fitness facilities to promote employee wellness. Our office buildings are equipped with parking spaces for motorbikes and vehicles, and parking allowances are provided to facilitate employee commute.

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    Healthy employees are the source for business development. Getac offers a safe and comfortable work environment and organizes annual health checks to encourage autonomous health management and health prevention. Professional masseur/masseuse are invited every month to give free massage sessions to our hard-working employees and help them relieve their physical and mental stress.

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    We also have a diverse range of social clubs for employees, including combat aerobics, physical fitness, chess, table tennis, badminton, funky dance, baseball, golf, basketball, yoga, health walks, and intermittent endurance. These social clubs are subsidized to encourage employees to maintain their physical and mental health during their spare time, relieve their stress, and work together with their coworkers to discover the fun of living.

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    Time Off

    The Company organizes employee trips on an annual basis, providing options of domestic and overseas travel itineraries for employees and their spouses to relax their minds, broaden their horizon, and promote emotional exchange with other coworkers. We also regularly host movie day, sports competition, and family day activities to improve employees' relations with their children and family, thereby achieving a balance between work and life.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to know more about career opportunities at Getac!

Human Resource Department,  Email:hrd.taipei@getac.com.tw