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Sustainability Report



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Each Challenge Is A Chance To Deepen Our Sustainability

The 2020 COVID-19 epidemic had a huge impact around the world, infecting 82 million people worldwide by December 31. The future impact is still hard to estimate. The past year has shown that disadvantaged groups are exposed to higher risks amid the epidemic and that mutual assistance in times of crisis makes a big difference.

Facing these challenges and considering our role as an enterprise on this planet, we developed a deeper understanding that environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions are essential to building a better future. Commitment to ESG is a key value at Getac to help create a cleaner, healthier, and more inclusive society.

With this philosophy, the Getac management team in 2020 stayed dedicated to running its operations, quickly adopting many flexible response and control measures, and accelerating our digitalization, innovation and progress. For the seventh consecutive year, we achieved revenue growth and good results, while improving our sustainability, corporate governance and energy efficiency. We also invested in employee health and giving back to society, especially to disadvantaged groups hit hard by COVID-19.

In 2020, Getac further strengthened and improved the structure and functions of its board of directors. With regard to corporate governance and information disclosure, the 7th Corporate Governance Evaluation published in 2021 again placed Getac in the top 6-20% of TWSE-listed companies, while earnings per share stayed between 13-16% over the past three years.

Getac regards employees as its most important partners, and protecting the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. Thus, besides quickly adopting health protection measures amid the epidemic, Getac also encouraged staff to exercise and keep fit. In 2020, we earned the Healthy Workplace certification from the National Health Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Sports Department, Ministry of Education also awarded us the Sports Enterprise certification. Getac strives to maintain its strong employer brand, and these acknowledgments encourage us to keep up our efforts and create a happy and diverse workplace.

With regard to environmental protection, Getac sets great store by responsible consumption and production, with low carbon emissions and high efficiency as key parameters. We invest in R&D for greener processes to improve our energy efficiency and work to reduce our energy consumption intensity and greenhouse gas emission intensity year by year. To better control its energy use, the Taiwan Xizhi plant passed the ISO 50001:2018 energy management system certification in 2020. Also, starting from the Kunshan plant, real-time online monitoring of smart electricity meters was rolled out.

Under this systematic and precise management, energy indicators have been set and action plans have been implemented. With continuous efforts to save energy in the process, Getac has saved 23,722 MWh of electricity over the past three years, which equals the annual carbon storage of 40 Taipei Daan Forest Parks. We also continued our efforts to conserve water, and our water recovery rate reached 96% in 2020.

As a corporate citizen, Getac cares about disadvantaged families affected by the epidemic. For families already living under unstable economic conditions, the public health crisis caused by the global epidemic made matters even worse. In these difficult times, Getac launched a Christmas donation project with its customers. Through the non-profit organization Save The Children, we helped children in need everywhere to maintain their physical and mental health, prevent COVID infections, and keep up their school attendance during the epidemic.

During the challenging year of 2020, Getac’s business and sustainability performance continued receiving recognition from the outside world. I was included in the CEO 100 of Harvard Business Review, based on such financial performance indicators as earnings per share and market value. Getac’s operating profit also posted new records, nearly tripling in five years, while our company’s market value almost doubled over the same period. This honor does not belong to me personally, but to all of us at Getac who have worked together over the years.

With regard to sustainability, Getac was included in several CSR-based indexes in 2020, including the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporate Governance 100 Index, TWSE Taiwan Dividend+ Index , and TWSE RAFI®  Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index, indicating how investors and the authorities value Getac.

The impact of COVID will eventually subside, and many changes will become part of the new normal. However, the constant factor will be that sustainability will remain part of companies’ core competitiveness, and after COVID this will be more so than ever. Getac’s commitment to "Embracing challenges and creating new realities" will continue to encourage everyone at Getac to boldly pursue innovation and excellence. We will remain alert to the changes in the market and international conditions, and continue to remain alert to the changes in the market and international conditions, and continue to lead by shaping sustainability as a responsible corporate citizen working for a more harmonious and beautiful world.

James Hwang
Chairman of the Board &
Sustainability Development Committee Chairman
Getac Holdings Corporation

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